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The Strength Shoppe's program focuses on the three 'pillars' of health; exercise, nutrition, and rest and recovery. Our program promotes optimal health despite age, health history, or desired goal. You can expect to enjoy six key benefits.

1. Increased strength and muscle tone
After your mid to late twenties, you begin to lose a half of a pound of muscle each year. Weight training is necessary to combat this process to keep you strong and healthy as you grow older. The more strength you have the more energy you will have to do the things you enjoy.

2. Increased bone density
High-intensity weight training was developed through an osteoporosis study. Weight training is the only non-medical way to reverse or halt osteoporosis, and high-intensity strength training is the safest way to build bone.

3. Increased flexibility
As your muscle moves through a complete range of motion, you increase your functional flexibility and improve your balance. Working through a full range of motion not only increases the flexibility of your muscles but also of your tendons and ligaments.

4. Increased cardiovascular efficiency
An effective cardiovascular workout will challenge your heart and lungs to work harder than they normally work to pump oxygen through the bloodstream to your working muscles. The more intensely your muscle is challenged, the more oxygen your muscle will require, and the harder your cardiovascular system will need to work.

5. Increased resistance to injury
Muscle acts as a cushion around the body's bones and joints, stabilizing them and protecting them against trauma. Muscles absorbs the impact, keeping your bones and organs safe.

6. Increased metabolism
Muscle is the source of your metabolism. More muscle on your body increases your metabolism and supports steady and meaningful weight loss and maintenance.


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