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The Strength Shoppe specializes in high-intensity strength training, commonly referred to as SuperSlow®, Power of Ten, or Slow Burn. High-intensity strength training is a safer, more effective, more efficient form of exercise. The complete total body workout lasts only 20 minutes once a week. Through compound movements on specialized equipment, the maximum benefits desired from exercise are achieved in minimal time.

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At The Strength Shoppe, our workout emphasizes:

  • SAFETY. Lifting weights slowly reduces the force on your joints and connective tissues. Working without momentum ensures you are always in control of the weight, which eliminates the risk of injury.
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Only muscle, not momentum, is used to lift the weight, deeply working the muscle.
  • EFFICIENCY. Due to the effectiveness of lifting without momentum, the goal of weight lifting, muscle fatigue, is reached in a shorter workout.

Through our program, exercise to the intensity of muscle failure will thoroughly exhaust the muscle and create a stimulus to which the body must adapt. Your program will be customized specifically for you by a professionally trained and certified specialist and will include nutritional protocol and recovery advisements. Our program requires adequate nutrition and a sufficient recovery period for the body's muscles to overcompensate for this intense exertion and become stronger. Most weight training programs do not offer the body this increased stimulus and thus do not require such a rest period.

The truly wonderful aspect about our workout is that anyone can do it. Whether you are a professional athlete or suffering from a debilitating condition such as osteoporosis, whether your goal is to lose weight or lower your blood pressure, this workout will help you achieve your goals. And because it's only 20 minutes once a week, chances are you'll be able to stick with it and adapt it as part of your lifestyle. Many people do not reach or maintain their fitness goals because they are unable to stick to their regimen. But who doesn't have 20 minutes once a week to devote to their health?


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More and more people are realizing the numerous values associated with high-intensity once a week weight training. Some books recently published touting the numerous benefits of high-intensity strength training are Power of Ten by Adam Zickerman, Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff, and The Slowburn Fitness Revolution by Fredrick Hahn.

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