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Melinda Hughes, Owner

Melinda Hughes opened The Strength Shoppe in 2011 to bring the benefits of high-intensity strength training to Pasadena, California. In 2017, she expanded The Strength Shoppe, opening a second location in Echo Park. Melinda discovered SuperSlow® strength training as a client. After experiencing more energy during the day and a more restful sleep each night, she realized her knee pain had disappeared and her back was stronger. In fact, her scoliosis wasn't as pronounced because she had been able to safely correct muscular imbalances! Melinda has worked with hundreds of clients in tens of thousands of sessions as an instructor of slow-cadence training and attributes her passion to this method to the impact the workout has on the health of her clients. She loves to see the clients of The Strength Shoppe significantly improve the quality of their lives, whether regaining the ability to walk unassisted, decreasing the amount of insulin necessary to control a diabetic condition, or simply fitting into a smaller pant or dress size. Melinda holds a certification as a Nutrition Consultant from Hawthorn University, a holistic health institute dedicated to the ongoing education of health professionals as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Denison University. She graduated from Denison magna cum laude with an Honors diploma. Melinda is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) instructor and received her Power of Ten certification from Adam Zickerman in his Manhattan studio. She advocates a balanced, active lifestyle with a whole foods diet and slow-cadence high-intensity strength training as the foundation for optimal health.

Diana Hufford

Diana Hufford has always been active. She began dancing at age four, played soccer and then added lacrosse in high school and college. In between seasons, she ran to stay in shape. After training for and completing one half marathon and two full marathons, she developed knee and hip pain. Around that time, a friend fortunately introduced her to SuperSlow®/Power of 10 strength training. Within six weeks of working out, she was surprised to feel herself getting stronger while her knee and hip pain disappeared. Diana was amazed to discover that, with only one or two focused 20-minute strength training sessions a week, she could effectively work her whole body and improve her muscle tone, while allowing her knees and hips to become stronger and heal. She is so happy to have finally found a safer, more effective and efficient way to stay in shape and now helps her clients achieve their goals of building strength, losing weight, increasing resistance to injury, and improving their overall health and fitness. Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Minors in both Spanish and Dance from Haverford College. She is ACE certified and earned her Power of 10 certification from Adam Zickerman.

Zach Lewis

Zach Lewis has long been an advocate of healthy living. After graduating from New York University, he became certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and began his personal training career at New York Health and Racquet in Lower Manhattan. A short time later, a fitness colleague introduced him to the SuperSlow® technique and talked Zach into trying it out himself. Zach was amazed by how safe and efficient his workouts became. A shoulder injury that had plagued him for years became non-existent. He was thrilled with all the free time he had now that he didn't have to workout 4 days a week anymore. The results he experienced convinced Zach to begin training all of his clients exclusively in this "new" method, which in turn led to his employment and study under two of the leading figures of slow-cadence, high-intensity weight training at their respective NYC-based facilities. The first was Fred Hahn (author of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution) at Serious Strength. The second was Adam Zickerman (author of Power of 10: The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution) at InForm Fitness. Zach is passionate about exercise and truly enjoys helping clients meet their fitness goals. He moved to California in 2012 and began training at The Strength Shoppe almost as soon as his feet touched the ground. He is thrilled to be working in sunny Pasadena.

Cameron McCormick

Cameron McCormick took full advantage of growing up as an Adirondack girl in the mountains of upstate New York. She participated in a variety of sports, (she is an expert tree-climber and fort-builder), and avoided traditional exercise at all costs. Cameron earned a B.S.Ed., with a Fine Arts Concentration and teaching credential from the University of Southern California, (Fight On!), and graduated as valedictorian of the Rossier School of Education in 2003. She went on to finish at the top of her graduate class, earning her M.S.Ed., Learning and Instruction, with a Reading Specialization in 2004. She enjoyed teaching at all levels, and also spent time private tutoring and teaching English to college ESL students from around the world. A series of unfortunate medical events led Cameron to try slow strength training. The results were so astounding that she quickly became an advocate of The Strength Shoppe's high-intensity, twenty minute technique. Cameron loves working one-on-one with people, and her background in education makes her an excellent coach, as she communicates with her clients in the way they each learn best. She enjoys teaching her clients how to exercise more effectively and efficiently, how to enjoy a balanced diet (which sometimes includes chocolate), and the importance of taking the rest of the week off. (There are trees to climb and forts to build, after all). In addition to being ACE certified, Cameron earned her Power of Ten Certification from Adam Zickerman.

Zorayda Guintu

Zorayda Guintu has always loved sports, participating in every athletic endeavor available, from volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, track, and scuba diving, to a short stint in wrestling, where she dislocated her knee, bringing her to a new world of chronic pain. Having worked as a massage therapist in both chiropractic and physical therapy offices, she was familiar with rehabilitation procedures and the option of surgery. Instead of opting for surgery, her path led her to the study of alternative methods of health and wellness. Certified as a yoga instructor, the Strength Shoppe's super slow training was a perfect fit in training based on body awareness and breath-work. In addition, the science-based training was so thorough and effective, the step to becoming a Power of 10 trainer immediately became a calling. Zorayda is a graduate of UCLA, with a Bachelor of Arts in History. She is ACE certified with a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification from NASM, and earned her Power of 10 certification from Adam Zickerman.


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